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A screenshot of the 'Cooking for College' website homepage

"Cooking for College" is a website our team designed to allow college and/or university students to access simple recipes they can easily recreate at home. The project involved numerous tasks such as filming, editing, and music production, however my focus was website development.

Because this website was coded entirely from scratch (with the exception of a JavaScript library), it was a challenge for me to figure out how exactly I would save the user's progress throughout the program. Originally, my plan was to use serialized/deserialized strings saved in a cookie, but after doing some research, I realized that there are some security concerns with storing data this way. I determined that the best method would be to save the user's data in an encoded JSON format, which could then be decoded when the data needed to be accessed again.

A screenshot of a recipe video

Other QOL improvements I added include checking the user's progress to prevent them from accessing content they shouldn't be viewing yet, even if they happen to know the URL to find it, and adding checkmarks and a total on the home page to make sure that the progress is easy to keep track of.

The final website has all of the functionality that I had initially planned for, and team collaboration was very successful.