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A graphic I made for the 2017 Remembrance Day stream

EM Daily and EM Live were part of a broadcasting program at the high school I went to, where they had a studio, proper lighting, camera, and audio equipment, and a team of dedicated students producing morning news every day. Sometimes, we would also stream live throughout the whole school on certain occasions, such as Remembrance Day.

I was not seen on camera very often, because I preferred working behind the scenes on things like graphics, scene-switching, and editing pre-recorded segments. Some of the biggest projects for me were the 2017 Remembrance Day stream, and the EM Sports graphics.

For Remembrance Day, I created a lot of motion graphics that were to be used in the stream, including a short intro, lower thirds to introduce speakers, and an intro sequence for the end of the broadcast.

A graphic I made for the EM Sports program

For EM Sports, I was given existing assets and plenty of freedom to make new graphics in whatever way I wanted. I created a few variants of a logo that could be used on the broadcast, as well as a short animated intro.