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A screenshot of the NMPD Promotional Website homepage, showcasing the theming used

The goal for this project was to create a website that would promote the different classes inside SAIT's New Media Production and Design program. Our group decided on a retro, 80's style for the project, and while the other group members worked on videos and graphics, I focused on making the website look professional and appealing.

On the home page, the user is shown five different mock movie posters, one representing each of the classes in the program. When the user clicks on one of these posters, the content below will change, depending on which poster was chosen. Then, the user can click the "Learn More" button below to see a short video that demonstrates some of the work being done in class, and an interview with the instructor(s).

A screenshot of a page of the NMPD Promotional Website

This website was a great project for me, because I got to see exactly how far you can push the limits of CSS. I managed to deliver on the retro theme better than I thought I could have.