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A screenshot of the 'ReadyTECH' homepage

For this project, I was told to design a new website for a fictional tech company called "ReadyTECH". While this is not a real retail store, the website was built to simulate an actual store as closely as possible.

As this was a solo project, I was responsible for all website design and implementation - with the exception of the logo, fonts and colour scheme, which were provided as part of the fictional ReadyTECH's brand identity. The back-end of the website involved working with a database: reading from it, using that information to display the products on the website, inserting data into it (prices, names, product IDs), and accessing users' orders for inventory analysis. The front-end used JavaScript and CSS to organize the information from the database for the user. The product photography was a long and difficult process, but also very instructive in camera and associated equipment usage.

A screenshot of a product on the 'ReadyTECH' website

While this is not technically a functioning eCommerce store, and none of the products on the website were actually for sale, it was very informative, particularly with respect to databases and how to best incorporate them into a website.